Elkon products

Elkon products are compliant with CSA standards and are entirely assembled, wired and tested at our Montreal plant. This allows us to ensure quality control and to offer our clients attractive warranties. In addition to providing a wide range of standard off-the-shelf models, we offer our clients affordable customized solutions to meet their specific needs.
Our MCCs are used for motor starting and power distribution applications. Intelligent models can be linked to building automation systems.
Our full-voltage combination magnetic starters are used for motors and pumps. Some models are adapted for power distribution applications.

Our bypass modules keep fans and pumps running at all times, even if the speed drive fails.

Our braking resistors are designed to dissipate the energy generated by the motor during the deceleration process, thus preventing overload of the variable speed drive.
Our resistive load banks are designed to test generators, motors, battery systems and uninterruptible power systems.
Our pipe heaters are designed to heat a variety of fluids without direct contact. They are an ideal choice for very humid environments.
Our industrial unit heaters are designed for industrial heating applications requiring a heavy-duty product, instant heat and thermostat control.
Our control cabinets are designed according to the client’s requirements and are suitable for all commercial, institutional and industrial applications.
Our electronic silicon-controlled rectifiers are custom manufactured to control power in various heating applications with resistor elements.
Our custom-designed industrial grade gate heaters are designed to prevent ice accumulation in dam infrastructures. They are suitable for both vertical wells and horizontal ducts.
Our custom-made explosion-proof control cabinets are carefully insulated to prevent explosions in environments containing explosive materials.
Our addressable lighting control panels are suitable for institutional, commercial and industrial lighting applications.
Our BACnet lighting control panels can be seamlessly integrated into building automation systems, and are suitable for institutional, commercial and industrial lighting applications.
We offer a variety of lighting control accessories, from reputable suppliers. Depending on the client’s needs, they can be sold individually or as part of a system installation.