Addressable lighting control panels

Elkon manufactures lighting control relay panels for industrial, institutional and commercial applications. Designed to manage up to 72 circuits each, they are composed of reliable superior quality modules: controllers, a control transformer and relays.

Our addressable lighting control relay panels come with Panasonic modular devices, and can be integrated into a building automation system via a gateway. The programming of components does not require specific software, since it is done remotely.

The installation is simple and cost-effective: all elements are connected to the lighting control system via a two-wire communication bus that provides power as well as data exchange.

Given their versatility, our products meet the requirements of all construction and renovation projects, and are suitable for two-wire and three-wire systems. Our modernization strategies are cost-effective and customized, allowing clients to replace only the contents of existing panels, or to change the controllers while conserving existing cables and relays.

IIt is worth noting that all our lighting control systems are adapted to new LED technologies and allow 0-10 volt dimming. We can integrate a variety of sensors into the systems, such as ambient light or occupancy sensors. The systems can also be connected to intrusion control or fire alarm systems, or to a generator to ensure lighting in emergency situations.

  • Addressable lighting control panels
  • Easily integrated into building automation systems
  • Cabinet with a lockable hinged door
  • Cabinet protection rating: NEMA 1 and 2
  • Low-voltage wiring
  • Most reliable relays on the market
  • Surface or flush-mounted installation
  • Compliant with CSA standards
  • Manufactured in Canada, at our Montreal plant
  • Factory assembled, wired and tested for superior quality control
  • 5-year warranty, under normal conditions of use, excluding labour