Explosion-proof control cabinets

Our explosion-proof control cabinets are specially insulated to prevent explosions in environments containing explosive materials such as gases, vapours and dust.

The cabinets are used to house industrial and electrical control equipment such as terminal blocks, selector switches and push-buttons. This equipment could cause an explosion through electric arcs or other phenomena.

The explosion-proof control cabinets also prevent interior explosions from spreading outside and posing a threat to life and property.

  • Cabinets designed for Class I and II environments (CSA – Definition for hazardous locations in North America)
  • Designed for frequency variable drives, combination starters and control components
  • Custom manufactured
  • Dimensions may be adapted, as required
  • Compliant with CSA standards
  • Manufactured in Canada, at our Montreal plant
  • Factory assembled, wired and tested for superior quality control